Paragon Kingdom: Arena gives you limitless possibilities to upgrade, train, and control your heroes across multiple play modes!

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Powerful Heroes

Assemble Your Team

Construct your warband with over 1000 possible hero combinations. Skillfully consider spell combos that will overwhelm your enemies and surprise even the most vigilant of opponents! Choose from a wide array of archetypes: Tank, DPS, Support, and Hybrid to assure your victory before the battle has even begun!

Powerful Skills

Unleash Powerful Skills

Electrify your enemies with conjured storms, pull dark energies from the abyss, and bend the fabric of reality to protect your allies! In the Arena, your heroes can bring the forgotten power of the arcane and the raw might of cold steel down upon anyone who stands in your way! 

Powerful Runes

Discover Ancient Runes

Improve your heroes further by equipping them with dozens of mystical runes! Improve their strength, defense, and abilities by customizing them to fit your playstyle. Or work towards powerful runewords that bestow unique abilities, and massive stat-boosts!

The Heroes of Paragon Kingdom!

Marksman rains lead upon his opponents from afar! An artificer by trade, his new enterprise is war, and business is booming.

Dark Witch overwhelms her enemies with massive AoE spells while staying clear of damage with quick dash attacks.

Beacon can channel the might of the sun itself to focus a powerful beam of immense destruction onto a single target. 


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